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from AMP's motherCustomer
My daughter is happy at Pathways which is the most important thing, the staff are caring, friendly, approachable and professional. They work hard to make the days varied and fun. They are able to give flexible care hours which makes my life easier. Thank you
GP's MumCustomer
Greg is an active young man who loves being outdoors and keeping busy.  Pathways have supported him since 2014, and he has a brilliant relationship with Pathways staff.  They support him to do things such as going to the gym, swimming, trampolining and using the local bus and tram network.  Pathways also provide 24-hour support at home when his mum and dad go abroad to visit his brother.  Thank you Pathways!
from RQ's motherCustomer
I was already aware of the exceedingly good quality service that Pathway’s provided, so for me, it was key to Ryan’s happiness, security, progression and the need for routine which governed his life so much, that Pathways had to play a part in his support package in some way.
from the mother of A.K.Customer
That was amazing. I have never known my daughter to give anyone a hug before, or even shake hands. You are amazing
from the mother of KLCustomer
Our Daughter Kirsty is very happy at Pathways. The staff give 100% quality care to her needs. They are very enthusiastic with Kirsty, very professional and caring. They always like to see her laughing with the fun loving sense of humor she has. We are extremely lucky to have this great support Pathways give Kirsty and our family.
from FH wifeCustomer
Awhhhh we love pathways, our girls are amazing, so friendly and professional! We have such a gorgeous team who look after my husband in the morning, absolutely would recommend this company! They are elite at what they do! Can’t praise them enough! Pathways are passionate to your needs – my husband us paralysed and we feel blessed to have them work alongside us.

Professional's Views

Anne Speech and Language Therapist
Pathways offers people the support to communicate their needs and wishes in a variety of ways. There are plenty of opportunities to communicate and be listened to in fun and creative ways.
Charlotte PlattCommunity Learning Disability Nurse
I have worked alongside the staff at Pathways for a number of years throughout my time as a Learning Disability Nurse in Oldham. In my experience, the support and input that has been provided by Pathways has been invaluable to many service users lives. The team are committed to ensuring that the needs of its service users are met and in helping to improve the overall quality of people’s lives. As a professional working within an MDT supporting individuals with often complex and challenging needs, we value the support and input from Pathways in working collaboratively to help improve and maintain individual’s health and well-being. I have found the staff at Pathways to be extremely personable, responsive and flexible to the needs of its users and would recommend the service to anyone who may be considering their support.

Testimonials From Staff

The skills and experiences I have gained whilst working at Pathways has been invaluable. What I love most about working here is that everyday is different, and getting to know all the amazing service users
I have worked at Pathways for a year now and I can honestly say it’s the most enjoyable and rewarding job I have done and I’m loving it. I had never done anything like this before, and was not sure if I could do it. But the support and advice I got from the management was brilliant, they always gave me positive feedback and anything I wasn’t sure about they fully explained to me. I feel as though I can always go to them with any concerns big or small. My work colleagues have been great too, they are always there to help you with anything. It’s a great place to work
I have worked for Pathways for 5 years and have been in this profession for around 39 years. Having different involvements with many companies, I have to say that the Pathways management are the most person-centred people I have encountered. They are always supportive and understanding to the needs of their staff, but most importantly their clientele. It is a pleasure to work with such person-centred people.
I have worked at Pathways for over 3 years now and I absolutely love my job. I have been supported through difficulties in my life and being given so much support enables me to do my job to the best of my abilities. The staff who work here are fantastic and all work to a very high standard.
Working at Pathways is an amazing opportunity for a great career, and from my experience the staff are caring and creative and the best at what they do. Pathways is a great place that caters to everyone’s needs, and we always aim for the best.
Supporting our customers, although challenging at times, is a very rewarding role. With discussions msot days on the activities at our day service, it is vital ensuring that we can deliver activities that motivate, encourage and build confidence in each individual. Every day is fun, involves laughter and learning, and it is a great job with great customers whom I personally strive to bring out the best in each of them to equip them to live independent lives to the fullest, with confidence.
Tracy BStaff

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